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Market Volatility...? He who dares wins Rodney!

Over the past few weeks we have seen the global markets go wild and despite the fact that everything appears to have calmed down, one has to wonder, what’s coming next? What was particularly disturbing were the reports that many of the trading systems were ‘unable to cope’ with the recent turmoil.  

But let’s be honest, it’s exciting times like this that traders live for. Gamblers by nature, they feed on the excitement and the adrenaline rushes of the highs and lows of market changes. Volatility makes the stakes so much higher, huge sums can be made, and lost in seconds. This certainly separates the kids from the grownups. It’s no secret that traders can be very temperamental and in a world of uncertainty, they demand consistency and performance from the technology they are using. So when I hear trading systems ‘aren’t coping’, a shiver runs down my spine. Even the best trader in the world is co-dependant on technology, and real-time access to accurate market data, in these turbulent times, is the absolute imperative. Decisions need to be made in a nano-second and then communicated with the relevant parties – instantaneously. The collaboration and market data tools they use must be presented as a single consolidated view without them ever having to switch between platforms. Whilst this spec sounds fairly straightforward, in practise this type of solution is only just coming to fruition. Traditionally traders have been forced to rely on very expensive propriety terminals which has not only impacted their ability to openly share information but are now eroding their profitability. Times, they are a changing, and high on everyone’s agenda – alongside making loads of money – is saving loads of money.

In 2018, collaboration is the name of the game and this is presenting many more opportunities for the old school human traders to continue to earn the (golden) crust. As long as they are equipped with the best, most cost-effective tools to work with, the rest is in their hands.

Carpe diem. Del boy said it best – ‘He who dares wins Rodney’.



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