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Community for people who work in and service hedge fund Technology, covering everything front office to operations and investor relations

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Ivy Schmerken

Avoiding the Herd in Overcrowded Alt Data

Fundamental investment managers are mining alternative data, but some worry that the same data sets have been sold to too many people and the strategies may be overcrowded. Experts at a recent panel d...

18 Apr 2019
Ivy Schmerken

Big Data: Getting Granular with ESG Factors

With the growth in sustainable investing, there’s been a surge in data on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors over the past few years. Demand for ESG data is rising as asset managers lo...

05 Nov 2018
Retired Member

Market Volatility...? He who dares wins Rodney!

Over the past few weeks we have seen the global markets go wild and despite the fact that everything appears to have calmed down, one has to wonder, what’s coming next? What was particularly disturbin...

23 Feb 2018
Ivy Schmerken

Alt Data on the March with Machine Learning

The explosion of alternative data sources, such as satellite images, sentiment analysis, and geolocation data, is having a profound impact on the field of quantitative investing. Analyzing torrents of...

25 Jan 2018
Retired Member

You could be knee deep in alpha - and not know it!

I am usually surprised by the almost manic attention given to alpha these days. That may sound trite in present financial circumstances, although volatility in the markets is the mother of invention ...

13 Mar 2008
Retired Member

Are hedge funds facing unexpected pressure to conform?

Richard Baker, Chief Executive of the Managed Funds Association and a former Senator, has recently pronounced, "It's wrong to say hedge funds are lightly regulated...you have vice of regulatory c...

10 Mar 2008

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