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The Marvel Of Google Home, And Its Debut In France

Over the years there have been different advancements in technology, which has led to the advent of mobile phones and now smart phones. Big shot brands have thrived because their devices have made life easier for users.

Over the years, more and more achievements and additions have been acquired, and the latest is the ‘Google Home.' This smart assistant was released first in the United Kingdom in November 2016 by Google. It has gained entrance to several countries; Untied States, Canada, and of course it is soon expected in our focus country, France. It is expected in so many different languages.

As expected, the assistant is rumored to be programmed to respond in the language of the country, and this helps users operate the device effectively. The features of Google home will remain the same as those found in other countries. The only distinctive change would be the French language replacing the predominant English language of the current countries the Google Home device is available.

The smart speaker has been developed to speak the French-Canadian language, especially for users in the French districts of Canada. Therefore, it is expected of Google Assistant to be versed in the language of the people of France, making it appealing to the French users. Moving on, it is vital to have a background on Google home, just in case you decide to get one for yourself.

Google Home Device

Google Home has a distinctive cylindrical shape, weighing about 480grams. On the top, there is a LED signifying power on or off. There is also the presence of soft touch buttons to stop or start music and to adjust volumes.

Several Publications state, there is a vivid presence of an ARM processor and Wi-Fi chip. Further inspection of the device brought to light the presence of two microphones, a stand by and a mute button, ensuring user’s privacy.

Google Home devices are voice-activated speakers, however, even with the recognition of the user's voice, it cannot work on its own. There needs to be some form of synchronization to an application that helps the device function, and that application is ‘Google Home App.'

Google Home Application

Google is a foremost Android app development company. It comes as no surprise to app developers and even the savvy app developers in India that, the features of the Google Home app are beyond compare. This application helps you link your Android device to your Google home device, synchronizing it with all the information needed to easy your day. The application not only links your Google Home device but also your Chromecast Device and Chromecast audio device. This is a dream, especially when you own a smart house.

Why you need a Google home device

The Voice-Activated speaker is a marvel, and it can recognize voices from a distance. After synching with your Google Home application, with your permission, several information can be registered and retrieved through the device. This device is powered by Google Assistant, which you could ask questions, give information and instructions.

Google home can also be accessed by multiple users in a home. However, there is no need to worry as the Google assistant can distinguish between different users, keeping your information personal. Here are some of the thing you can use a Google home device to achieve.

Ask Questions and Get Answers with Google

Almost every Android app development company has created a form of search engine application, to aid in answering questions. This device is linked to the Google search engine, all you should do is ask your question, and the assistant provides your answers in record time. The questions could vary, it could be about your favorite band, a food recipe, or asking for translations in other languages through Google translate. All these and more Google features are available on the Google home device.

Audio Commands

Sometimes, it is difficult to search your smartphone, scroll through your music library, all to play one song. Doing this might get take some time. This is prevented with the help of Google Home. The assistant can search out music from various android applications like; Google music play, Pandora, Spotify, and lots more. Playing your preferred music, podcast, or radio channel at just the sound of your voice. The accessibility of this device to several music search engines makes It possible to find tracks that seemed impossible to locate on your Android device.

Daily Planner

Journals and pens are getting very old these days with the Google Home device. At times, you forget to check your journals, and you miss important appointments. With your permission, Google home device can have a record of your appointments for the day. This helps you set the calendar without having to lift a finger. The assistant can record doctor’s appointment, flight schedules, set timer and alarms, tell you about the traffic with the help of Google maps, and so on. Your day will cease to be ruined, all you need do is ask Google about your day, and the assistant gives a summary of your plans.

Control your Smart Home

The number of devices this simple technology can connect to is incredible. For those who run a smart home, the addition of Google home is the crown jewel. It connects to other smart devices like Nest, Philips Hue, Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, LightwaveRF, LIFX, SmartThings and so much more. It is now easy to cast movies, tv shows, and videos, reduce or increase the temperature of your living space, and control the lighting. The voice recognition is sharp and would do all these and more in a blink of an eye.

Google is making improvements to the smart speakers. Google home device will soon feature a handsfree caller. Keeping in-touch with loved ones will be eased as all your contacts would be registered on the device for swift accessibility.

Other Android app development companies are of course coming up with their own smart assistant brands. The Amazon Echo is a great example and has also gained recognition the past few years. With time, more additions will be made to the device and its application. The amazing Google home device is slated to be extended to other countries this summer, Germany, Japan, and Australia is very high on the list.

As technology advances, it is advised to move along with it and enjoy the benefits of life. France is about to experience an improvement that would change the face of their economy and improve the standard of living of the French folks. Google Home is here to stay, and France should be prepared to welcome it with open arms. Bienvenue Google.


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