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Team Leader at Hyperlink Infosystem
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Bio Urvish Macwan is a Team Leader honing marketing strategy cum content crafter at Hyperlink Infosystem, a mobile app development company.


Business Knowledge for IT

Why Connection Is Important For Mobile App Developers And The Sales Team?

22 Jun 2020

Whatever the technique has been adopted to do the mechanism, it must be understood by others easily. Thus following this route, even while creating a strategy for social media marketing, one must plan to create an engagement method from the customer side without knowing them. Thus to do him you must focus on research areas, especially competitor a...

Blockchain Observations

How Does The Nature Of Blockchain?

16 Dec 2019

In every 30, 40 or 50 years, the status quo must be challenged, modified, transformed, in order to avoid the accumulation of power, centralization, totalitarianism, and corruption. Corruption is inherent in power systems, and there is no more tyrannical power than power over money. Only one billion people worldwide have access to banking services...


How Do Business And Employees React With Its Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence?

03 Oct 2019

It has been using in many professions such as health, transport, education, engineering, business analytics, e-commerce, etc. Each profession was looking for the top app development companies, as the future is going to depend on a compact manner in the usage level of artificial intelligence for the user. Due to artificial intelligence, the markete...


The Main Risks Of Investing In Bitcoin

19 Jun 2019

In modern society today, virtual currencies are rapidly gaining popularity. ATMs for transactions in virtual currencies are appearing in Western countries, digital money can be bought and sold on the Internet and many serious financial analytics companies have started tracking digital currency fluctuations and investment forecasts. Like any other...