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DIGITAL BANKING Tips - Tip 24: Security Checklist for Digital Banking

Security is one of the biggest concerns Banks have about Digital Banking. I already underlined the importance of the topic in different tips, to which too much attention paid (please show some attention to the other tips as they get jealous!) and excellent feedbacks from the readers. That is why, I thought sharing a Security Checklist might be welcomed by the professionals on the field too. There are three Security Stages from banking perspective: PREVENTION – MONITORING and POST FRAUD.

Ideally, majority of the frauds are prevented by providing security tools/technologies and increasing customer awareness. The ones which cannot be prevented, should be monitored and blocked. Unfortunately, sometimes it is not possible to block all fraud (banks used to have a reputation for hiding them but not anymore) attempts and some money losses happen – this is where Post Fraud Actions required. 

This is the short version of the post. 

Starting from Tip 2 to Tip 30 only short versions of my posts are available at Finextra. From Tip 31, full (long) versions of my posts can be read here.



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