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Bio Sehrish is a junior reporter, with an interest in sustainable finance. Career History Sehrish took an interest in fintech journalism after university. Sehrish graduated from UCL with a BA in History of Art.

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Here’s how to get hired at payabl

29 Nov 2023

Our Breaking into Fintech series explores what leading financial organisations are seeking in new hires and candidates, giving those looking to enter into the fintech industry an insight into the sector. In this interview, Finextra spoke to global head of HR at payabl, Jolita Strasunskaite, to discuss what potential hires can expect from the indus...

How the FTA inspires a spirit of collaboration between the UK and Australia - Moonova

21 Nov 2023

While the UK has been cemented as a global fintech hub, Australia has gained its own status as a destination for fintechs to expand and thrive. Each recognising the potential in the other, the two countries have shared success and facilitated growth through exchange through the UK-Australia Fintech Bridge established in 2018, and the UK-Australia...

How net zero frameworks can be guided by national policy

08 Nov 2023

ESG and broader financial sustainability efforts have been major industry trends in the financial services sector in the last few years, with an increasing number of financial institutions adapting to ESG standards and implementing sustainable objectives to maintain transparency and accountability as climate change continues to wreak havoc on the ...

GenAI in the focus for Aussie-UK fintech as it expands globally

02 Nov 2023

Collaboration between the UK and Australia has been on an upward trajectory since the launch of the UK-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed in 2021. Having already discussed the details of the FTA and how it will impact the expansion and growth of fintechs in the UK and Australia with Austrade and Fintech Australia, we have further examin...