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A place to look at misguided and ill-informed attempts to be trendy and leap upon assorted passing bandwagons. Ideally this is done without necessarily understanding the true nature of the issues involved. Not just fintech stuff necessarily but anything labelled Web 2.0 is fair game.

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Elton Cane

Another ill-considered bank logo

ANZ have done a rebrand and ditched their blue stripy logo for a blue logo with three blobs. Lazy journalists are reporting that the re-design co...

23 Oct 2009
Retired Member

Apple forced to scrap iPhone advert

Apple have been told not to run a TV ad again in the UK for the iPhone 3G after 17 people complained that it exaggerated the speed of 3G. The ad used the phrase "really fast" repeatedly, cou...

26 Nov 2008
Retired Member

Fake Sumo wrestler helps HSBC shoot itself in the foot

HSBC stands accused of 'cultural insensitivity' after dressing up an overweight white man to look like a sumo wrestler and running it on ads across the UK. Complaints have come in that it looks like t...

26 Aug 2008
Retired Member

Hey let's dumb it down for the yoof market

Have you seen I thought this was a Nathan Barley-style spoof at first. Surely a web site can't be this bad? Not even BBC3 looks this 'yoof'. What crack team of marketing geniuses t...

16 Apr 2008
Retired Member

Brand madness - Apple versus Microsoft

The Mail app on the Mac comes with an RSS feed entitled Apple hot news which as you might expect is full of feel-good, brainwashing nonsense about all things Apple. Some of it's interesting - for exa...

03 Apr 2008
Retired Member

Two word slogan - yours for 1.4 million quid

The Register are reporting that HMRC apparently got through an impressive £1.4m in 2006 coming up with a new slogan - HMRC Ambition. Yup that's only 700,000 per word. Bargain. While we're on the top...

18 Feb 2008
Retired Member

Eros card - that's a top idea

There was some discussion in the office about why it was called Eros. When we twigged the reason and that you can't after all use it in Ann Summers it seemed less interesting. Still I imagine early a...

21 Sep 2007
Matt White

If this is the future I'll give it a miss

Barclaycard has gone all high tech with its marketing for the new OnePulse card and set up a Micro site called ‘The institute for future living’. A fictional character called Professor Danny shows yo...

14 Sep 2007
Retired Member

You'd never get a bank choosing a logo this bad...

I looked on with horror today at the replacement for the rather nice London 2012 logo. I liked the old one - the Thames sweeping through the 2012. Classy. We're good at logos and design in the UK. T...

04 Jun 2007
Retired Member

Blog now or you're fired

In an interesting twist of daftness it would appear blogging is to be made compulsory at Sony BMG, according to The Register. In the past, people have got in serious hot water after blogging and not ...

03 Apr 2007

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