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Co-founder at Capilever
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Bio Thomas is a financial services expert with strong focus on product strategy and innovation. He strongly promotes banking innovation through smartly bringing business & IT together. Career History Prior to Capilever, Thomas has held senior roles within a number of leading technology vendors and global banking providers including Sopra Banking Software and CR2 Channel Banking Software. Thomas holds a PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Cambridge.


Financial Risk Management

Social distancing and Financial distancing - New counterparty risk models

27 May 2020

The impact of the current crisis on counterparty risk models One could argue, that in a similar way that social distancing can limit the epidemic spread in the current health crisis, applying correct counterparty risk measures can prevent the contagion and propagation of financial defaults. Not by excluding companies from doing business, but by he...

Innovation in Financial Services

Living a debt-free life - Utopia or realistic aspiration?

29 Apr 2020

Recent surveys indicate that the biggest aspiration of millennials today is not to buy a house or to get married, but to become debt-free (e.g. Business Insider, New York Life, ...). In the US and UK, many young adults are struggling with enormous student loans, but even in countries where studying is cheaper similar echoes are heard. Millennials ...

Digital Banking, Mortgages and Savings

Are banks ready for the Corona emergency measures imposed by governments?

26 Mar 2020

Amid the Corona crisis, governments worldwide are urgently deciding on numerous actions to limit the economic impact of this unprecedented health crisis. Top priority in these plans is to help people and businesses overcome a period of low to zero income, which completely breaks their predicted liquidity forecasts. Such a shock in liquidity can ev...

Financial Risk Management

Are credits not too commoditized?

25 Feb 2020

Since 1 July 2007, the Belgian electricity market has been liberalized. While in the first years, only few consumers switched electricity provider, this has reached a new high this year. Incumbent providers are still trying to convince customers with product-differentiation slogans that they offer the best reliability or the greenest electricity. ...