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Thomas Pintelon

Thomas Pintelon

Head of Strategy at Capilever
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Bio Thomas is a financial services expert with strong focus on product strategy and innovation. Career History Prior to Capilever, Thomas has held senior roles within a number of leading technology vendors and global banking providers including Sopra Banking Software and CR2 Channel Banking Software. Thomas holds a PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Cambridge.


Financial Risk Management

4 ways to improve financial fitness

17 Mar 2021

Despite significant efforts by schools and media to give more attention to financial skills, the level of financial literacy in the general population remains low. Basic financial budget management appears very difficult for many people, let alone understanding more complex concepts like the correlation between risk and return, the need for divers...

Financial Risk Management

How banks and insurers increasingly push risks towards their customers

08 Feb 2021

In past blogs we have raised awareness of the lack of tooling for clients to properly manage their finances and associated risks. Personal (PFM) and Business Finance Management (BFM) modules are being developed rapidly and keep getting better, but most of these are still limited to a reporting/dashboarding layer. This allows customers to get bette...

Financial Risk Management

Improving traditional credit scoring with a forward-looking approach

06 Jan 2021

Question: Do you know how much your total committed credit exposure is? Traditional credit registries In Belgium when a natural person requests a credit, banks and credit institutions are obliged to consult the central credit register (CKP/CCP) at the National Bank to obtain the existing credit exposure of the individual and check whether the ind...

Trends in Financial Services

More flexibility in business loans, now more than ever

01 Dec 2020

In a previous blog on whether "credits are not too commoditized" we shared some thoughts on how banks can differentiate more based on offered credit services rather than just interest rate. The blog mainly focused on private purpose loans, but similar trends and needs exist for businesses/SMEs. In this blog we won’t focus on large corpor...