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Co-founder at Capilever
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Bio Thomas is a financial services expert with strong focus on product strategy and innovation. He strongly promotes banking innovation through smartly bringing business & IT together. Career History Prior to Capilever, Thomas has held senior roles within a number of leading technology vendors and global banking providers including Sopra Banking Software and CR2 Channel Banking Software. Thomas holds a PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Cambridge.


Financial Risk Management

Banks that can help reduce financial risks in a user-friendly way can compete with any Tech player

24 Sep 2019

Banks are technology companies with a banking license ! This claim and similar claims can be read more and more in articles on trends in the financial services sector and is often used as an argument that banks will soon be replaced by Fintechs and Silicon Valley tech giants. It is certainly true that IT is crucial for a bank and its importance ca...


How collaboration with specialist providers can boost bank innovation

03 Sep 2019

Bank offerings and customer expectations are evolving fast. For each specific client need, specific solutions need to be built, requiring lots of investments, IP and expertise. To keep up, banks can’t afford to reinvent the wheel every time. Therefore they are opening up, and welcoming the win-win collaboration with specialist third parties that c...

Innovation in Financial Services

Why lending against your investments is perfectly compatible with daily banking and PFM & BFM

18 Jul 2019

Today’s bank customers want a fluent, end-to-end experience. Unfortunately most online and mobile banking platforms are still very silo organised, with typically modules for Daily Banking, Investments, Credits and Insurances. Even though this reflects very well the internal (IT) organisation of the bank, customers prefer to have a more customer-or...

Innovation in Financial Services

How liquid asset based lending brings benefits to both banks and their customers

21 Jun 2019

Imagine you have a short-term cash need [university fees for your kids] but you do have some long-term bonds in your investments portfolio. Wouldn’t it be great if your bank allows you to temporarily block these assets and get a short term loan facility to bridge the gap? Lending against liquid assets that customers hold within their bank, is an u...