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Co-Founder and Director at Maveric Systems
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Bio P. Venkatesh, more commonly known as PV, is a co-founder of Maveric systems. He leads the Core banking business globally, which at this time has aligned with Temenos. He has been highly instrumental in advocating Temenos customers with strategic directions and roadmaps, by closely aligning with Temenos product strategy. His passion for exploring and dealing with disruptive banking technologies sets him apart as banking thought leader. Career History PV has been a consultant and an entrepreneur for 30 years across diverse sectors, viz. banking, financial services, retail, government, and urban services. He is a subject-matter specialist in retail banking and regulatory compliance by his extensive work with banks across geographies.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Digitalization: The Future of Wealth Management

01 Feb 2021

The wealth management industry is in the midst of a monumental shift due to changing demographics, the influx of new generation potential investors, transitional global scenarios, and most importantly the rampant digitalization. This pace of change has been long predicted but the pandemic has accelerated its adoption, providing continuous opportun...


Blockchain vs AI - which is the better bet ?

09 May 2017

As it has always been, today too, technology managers have to contend with two complementing technologies for their attention and budget. In this circumstance, let us review where the tilt should be. Let us circumscribe our scope to the BFSI vertical. The principles derived here, with some or no modification, may find application elsewhere. After t...


Banking models to address revenue fall: Technology Vs. Business focus

01 Mar 2017

I had outlined in my previous post the fall in revenue that banks are witnessing across their service lines (you can read it here). The move towards overcoming this drop in revenue needs to go beyond the tried and tested models of cost reduction and margin improvement. Such a move cannot be restricted to the superficial layer of operations, but ne...


Banking on Internet of Things -IoT

02 Feb 2017

Since the 2008 meltdown, banks have been arming themselves with strategies to counter a drop in revenue across most of their prominent lines of businesses and products. Recent Mckinsey report on Global Banking outlines a fall in revenue across business lines such as consumer lending & payments as well as a fall in sources of funds such as chec...