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Digital Banking

The changing face of customer experience for retail banking

21 Feb 2023

The Banking sector entered 2023 on a firmer footing compared to previous years. McKinsey’s Global Banking Annual Review 2022 informs that, driven by interest rates and net margins, bank profitability reached a 14-year high. The sector, however, continues to be rattled by an uncertain macroeconomic outlook troubled by stagflation, geopolitical tur...

Digital Banking Trends

Customer experience – game changer for neobanks in retail

18 Jan 2023

In the new banking world order, Neobanks continue their impressive march northwards. With Brazil reporting 43% adults with digital-only bank account, India at 26%, Ireland at 22%, Singapore at 21%, Hong Kong at 20%, and UAE at 19% (online bank adoption survey by Finder), the transaction value for Neobanks worldwide is expected to level out at $ ...


Marketing in Financial Services

Transform the Banking Customer Experience through Hyper-Personalization

07 Dec 2022

Traditionally marketing functions in banks were accountable for building brand awareness and, to some degree, generating revenue. As post-pandemic trends show, functional areas of customer acquisition, digital cross-selling, and upselling now form an integral part of marketing's digital-first strategy. 52% of Financial Services marketers think so...