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Tom Ainsworth

Tom Ainsworth

Head of Customer Engagement at Jitterbit
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Disrupting API integrations and pushing Financial Services hypergrowth with market networks

21 Jul 2021

For the past twenty or so years, market networks have been one of the most disruptive and powerful wealth-creating engines in the global economy. The benefits of bringing together two sides of a fragmented market through a single platform with integrated workflow tools so they can transact more seamlessly are well established. Innovation flourishe...

Personal Finance

Get on the front foot with a tactical approach to data integration

07 May 2021

By Tom Ainsworth, Head of Customer Engagement, Jitterbit Every company on the planet has been rocked by the changes to consumer behaviour prompted by the pandemic. But, while some sectors might struggle to find their feet again post-pandemic, the fintech industry has an opportunity to steal a march. With some agile thinking and tactical choices...