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Embedded Finance

4 Advantages of Loyalty Reward Programs

28 Sep 2021

One adage you hear time and again in business is that a repeat customer is better than a new customer. Why is that? Because repeat customers spend more money – 300x more! Retaining customers can help your company boost its profits up to 95%, however, having a customer buy from your business repeatedly, isn’t always easy to do. With so many option...

Embedded Finance

6 Examples Of Embedded Finance Changing The Future

12 Nov 2020

Embedded finance is the future of the financial services industry. It’s the merging of a non-financial service provider, such as a retailer or ride-sharing company, with a financial service, such as payment processing, lending, or insurance. As embedded finance becomes more widespread, it can be helpful to examine some embedded finance examples to...


Embedded Finance

Opportunities within Embedded Finance

29 Oct 2020

In a traditional setting, payment is separate from transactions. At the end of a taxi ride, a customer has to dig into their wallet and pull out the cash or credit card needed to settle up with the driver. Embedded finance merges payments and transactions. It creates a seamless experience for the customer by blending what were once separate financ...

Fintech innovation and startups

The benefits of embedded finance

22 Oct 2020

As the fintech industry continues to change, accessible and straightforward interfaces for end users are key to helping financial institutions better engage their customers. One way many fintechs are creating a superior user experience for customers is with embedded finance. It’s a way to make financial processes like payments work seamlessly with...