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Finance 2.0

Is Embedded Finance the Future?

21 Sep 2020

Embedded finance is financial services on the customer’s terms, from anywhere and at any time. They no longer need to visit their bank to get access to their money. In some cases, embedded finance (and more specifically embedded banking) eliminates the traditional bank entirely. Some companies are stepping in to provide banking and financial servi...


Finance 2.0

How Bank and Fintech Partnerships are Redefining the Future of Banking

14 Sep 2020

Can fintech and banking play nicely together? Although traditional banks might have once eyed fintech companies with concern or suspicion, the stance of traditional financial service providers seems to be evolving. Traditional banks and financial service companies no longer necessarily look at fintechs as intruders in the field but instead often c...

Innovation in Financial Services

PFM in Banking

02 Sep 2020

Consumers are looking for a way to monitor their financial health. Personal financial management (PFM) apps can act as the thermometer, gauging the temperature and giving people an idea of where they currently stand financially. PFM tools for banking can also go a step beyond checking the status of a person’s financial situation. They can also pro...


6 Strategies for Banking the Unbanked

22 Apr 2020

Although opening a bank account might be a rite of passage for people around the world, a significant portion of the global population either doesn’t have any form of bank account or doesn’t use a bank for a notable portion of their financial needs. People who are unbanked or underbanked tend to use alternative forms of financial services, such as...