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Web3 is the Future of Payments

13 Jul 2022

Web3 payments are seeking to completely revolutionize the internet and how it’s run. How we send and receive money is no exception to Web3’s ambitions. You probably know yourself. Buying things on the internet or sending money to friends can be a long and difficult process, often with too many hoops to jump through. But can Web3 really revolutioniz...

Embedded Finance

How Embedded Finance Helps Businesses Generate Revenue and Increase Loyalty

09 Feb 2022

Many companies are looking for ways to generate revenue and increase customer loyalty by dipping into banking and finance. The future of the financial services industry is embedded finance — the seamless combination of traditional financial services and another service. Embedded finance occurs when a non-financial website or app, such as a ride-ha...

Embedded Finance

4 Advantages of Loyalty Reward Programs

28 Sep 2021

One adage you hear time and again in business is that a repeat customer is better than a new customer. Why is that? Because repeat customers spend more money – 300x more! Retaining customers can help your company boost its profits up to 95%, however, having a customer buy from your business repeatedly, isn’t always easy to do. With so many option...

Embedded Finance

6 Examples Of Embedded Finance Changing The Future

12 Nov 2020

Embedded finance is the future of the financial services industry. It’s the merging of a non-financial service provider, such as a retailer or ride-sharing company, with a financial service, such as payment processing, lending, or insurance. As embedded finance becomes more widespread, it can be helpful to examine some embedded finance examples to...