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Online Banking

Branching out: Why improving digital experiences is key to fending off challenger banks

29 Oct 2020

When the pandemic hit, people quickly grew accustomed to carrying out a number of key tasks online, from grocery shopping to catching up with their friends and family. However, they were more enthusiastic about some areas of their lives turning digital than others, with research showing people want to return to physical bank branches post-Covid-1...

Online Banking

How to ensure strong customer communication during the Covid-19 crisis

01 Apr 2020

The way we bank has transformed over the past decade. The number of branches has fallen, while the growth of online banking shows no sign of slowing down. Although this has certainly been an adjustment for consumers, remote banking is proving to be somewhat of a blessing in disguise, as the current global coronavirus pandemic leaves us unable to ...

Banking Regulations

Why banks' latest clash with the CMA proves the consumer is king

02 Dec 2019

Last week, HSBC and Santander agreed, following CMA action, to refund customers after they both broke a legal order relating to unarranged overdrafts. Part 6 of the CMA’s Retail Banking Market Investigation Order means banks must send customers text alerts if they’ve exceeded their arranged overdraft limit, with banks unable to charge customers u...

Customer Service 2015-2019-2025

Communicating change: cost or opportunity?

30 Oct 2019

Not a lot of things seem certain in the UK economy at the moment, but most people seem to agree on the fact that the Bank of England may well raise interest rates in the not-too-distant future. As any lender or homeowner knows, this means significant changes both for mortgage holders and providers, and over the longer term, increased costs. These...