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In the industry of customer service how it will grow nowadays. How was it in past and how it will become in future. Sharing innovative ideas about customer services like call centres, phone answering, business process outsourcing, lead generation, verification service, chat support etc.

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Retired Member

Delivering Stronger Transaction Experiences through Payments and Customer Team Collaboration

As businesses increasingly rely on digital payment systems to drive their transactions, building better customer experiences has become a top priority. One of the most effective ways to achieve this i...

21 Jun 2023
Retired Member

Exploring strategies for turning unhappy customers into repeat buyers

I am constantly exploring strategies to mitigate risk and ensure the growth and stability of our business and partners. One area that always demands attention has to be customer satisfaction. Satisfie...

16 Jun 2023
John Goodale

Why UK fintechs need to care about the FCA’s Consumer Duty rules

In one of the biggest shake-ups to how fintech firms approach their customer experience (CX) strategies, the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority is introducing new Consumer Duty rules that will  come i...

08 Jun 2023
Jessica Bayley

Why has the insurance sector fallen behind in customer payments experience?

The insurance industry has demonstrated both flexibility and resilience over the last few years. As digital technologies mature, more digitally forward businesses in the sector have looked to equip th...

16 Jan 2023
Elena Berestovaya

Customer service as a method to increase customer loyalty and retention for Forex CRM Provider

What happened? What problem did we solve? Once again, a developer nervously told a support engineer that the issue the customer is experiencing is not on our side. He added that it was at least the

27 Oct 2022
Andrew Stevens

Why banks need better communications during the cost-of-living crisis

A recent story revealed that thousands of bank customers are at risk of losing out on cash after being told to “call NOW or miss the best rates”. While lenders are generally expected to pass on any i...

18 Aug 2022
Jason Ross

How to deploy AI to improve customer engagement and retention

Initially many people expected AI to be a job-killing technology, however, that hasn’t happened. Instead, it has become a vital component for employees across the workforce, enabling them to do more q...

20 Apr 2022
Andrew Stevens

Bridging the gap: Rising Post Office use shows continued consumer appetite for in-person banking

UK institution the Post Office recently announced its branches handled a record £3.1 billion in cash deposits and withdrawals in December 2021, which is a 25% increase on last year’s number. The news...

17 Jan 2022
Kartik Swaminathan

Customer Service in Fintech and Digital World

In digital world we live in, FinTech’s offers enhanced convenience, experience, transparency & choice to customers. Customer expects better price, faster processing, better access, service and a p...

20 Sep 2021
Andrew Stevens

Traditional banks must move away from a one-size-fits nobody digital approach

If traditional banks want to continue to be a vital element in their customers’ lives, they must refocus efforts. At present, they are prioritising a one-size-fits-nobody digital approach, that costs ...

09 Jul 2021

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