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In the industry of customer service how it will grow nowadays. How was it in past and how it will become in future. Sharing innovative ideas about customer services like call centres, phone answering, business process outsourcing, lead generation, verification service, chat support etc.

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Andrew Stevens

Why banks need better communications during the cost-of-living crisis

A recent story revealed that thousands of bank customers are at risk of losing out on cash after being told to “call NOW or miss the best rates”. While lenders are generally expected to pass on any i...

18 Aug 2022
Jason Ross

How to deploy AI to improve customer engagement and retention

Initially many people expected AI to be a job-killing technology, however, that hasn’t happened. Instead, it has become a vital component for employees across the workforce, enabling them to do more q...

20 Apr 2022
Andrew Stevens

Bridging the gap: Rising Post Office use shows continued consumer appetite for in-person banking

UK institution the Post Office recently announced its branches handled a record £3.1 billion in cash deposits and withdrawals in December 2021, which is a 25% increase on last year’s number. The news...

17 Jan 2022
Kartik Swaminathan

Customer Service in Fintech and Digital World

In digital world we live in, FinTech’s offers enhanced convenience, experience, transparency & choice to customers. Customer expects better price, faster processing, better access, service and a p...

20 Sep 2021
Andrew Stevens

Traditional banks must move away from a one-size-fits nobody digital approach

If traditional banks want to continue to be a vital element in their customers’ lives, they must refocus efforts. At present, they are prioritising a one-size-fits-nobody digital approach, that costs ...

09 Jul 2021
Nataraj Sirisilla

SAAS and the Services Conundrum

SAAS is everywhere, every other product vendor irrespective of the domain wants to launch their existing and new products in SAAS mode. All the surveys and the likes of Gartner and Forrester of the wo...

25 May 2021
Steve Morgan

Personalisation – what banks can learn from the telecoms industry

Tailored product offers, timely tips for financial management, curated messages based on a customer’s location – these are all great examples of personalisation. Yet this type of engagement continues ...

10 May 2021
Andrew Stevens

How banks can improve customer communication, as FOI reports banking nuisance calls rise 35%

This week, the results of a Freedom Information Request to the Information Commissioner’s Office revealed that complaints about banking nuisance calls and texts rose by 35% in 2020. This is particular...

07 May 2021
James Mingard

How the finance sector can successfully deliver frictionless customer service

From adopting AI for personalising customer experiences to chatbots responding to customer queries, banks and financial institutions are turning to new technologies to streamline their operations and ...

19 Mar 2021
Steve Morgan

Is hyperautomation in banking truly achievable?

For the second year in a row, hyperautomation has been listed as one of Gartner’s strategic technology trends for the next 12 months. Defined as “the combination of multiple machine learning, package...

17 Mar 2021

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