Royal Bank of Scotland interacts with e-shy customers

Royal Bank of Scotland interacts with e-shy customers

The Royal Bank of Scotland has launched a fully interactive test drive of its digital banking service on its Web site as part of an effort to reassure customers hesitant about conducting their financial affairs online.

Using technology developed by VeriSIM, the new tool uses a number of fictional accounts to reproduce the majority of the services available within Digital Banking.

Customers logging on to the interactive demonstration can access real time balances and mini statements for Royal Bank accounts; up to six months statements for printing and/or downloading; credit card balances and transactions; conduct instant or diarised transfers between Royal Bank accounts; pay household bills, such as telephone, cable TV, council tax; send money to anyone with a UK bank account; create and cancel standing orders; and view and cancel direct debits.

Brigid Whoriskey, head of digital banking, says: "Despite the growing popularity of Internet banking our discussions with customers have shown us that many people are holding back from using these services because of worries about it being too complex or difficult to use...the new test drive allows customers to explore the many parts of the service without having to sign up and use their own accounts."

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