RBS partners with Microgen for corporate e-billing

RBS partners with Microgen for corporate e-billing

UK-based Microgen has entered an agreement with The Royal Bank of Scotland to supply e-billing services to RBS and NatWest corporate customers.

Under terms of the agreement, the banks will promote Microgen to their corporate customers as their recommended supplier of B2B e-billing services.

Microgen's e-Billing service is a fully-managed solution that enables customers to send data from their billing systems to Microgen for processing into e-bills. The e-bills are presented to the bill recipient via a hosted Web site both as a PDF image viewable via Adobe Acrobat Reader (TM) and as a data file that can be downloaded and imported into a recipient's financial or ERP systems.

The service can be used to distribute financial documents such as statements, credit notes, remittance advices and direct debit advices.

David Jessop, managing director, payment, trade & banking services, RBS, says: "A key factor in choosing to partner with Microgen is that they have a proven service in the UK with over 1000 organisations already sending and/or receiving invoices, statements, remittance advice notes and related billing documentation via the Microgen infrastructure on a regular basis."

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