Sanchez ports to Solaris 8

Sanchez ports to Solaris 8

Sanchez Computer Associates is to port its entire suite of online banking and brokerage solutions to Sun's Unix-based Solaris 8 operating system

In early November, Sanchez completed a standard benchmark test of Profile version 6.1 on Sanchez' Profile database version 4.3, running on a Sun Fire 6800 server with the Unix-based, Solaris 8 OE. In testing, Profile achieved a transaction processing rate of approximately 1900 online transactions per second (tps) and 5000 tps for accounts processed in end-of-day accrual cycles on a database of one million accounts. "Favorable results" were also achieved with functional tests conducted on a 10-million account database, says the vendor. A second round of benchmarks is pencilled in for the spring of 2002.

"Our initial benchmarks with Sun's platform compares very favorably to similar tests conducted on Unix-based machines manufactured by the other major vendors," says Wayne Ross, Sanchez manager of systems performance and benchmarking. "We anticipate we will conduct additional benchmarks in the spring, and we would expect that with additional tuning, we can eclipse the current top-line performance numbers for Profile on this platform."

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