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Revolut wants to build its own crypto exchange

Revolut wants to build its own crypto exchange

Revolut is recruiting a technical lead to build a crypto exchange.

According to a job ad posted on LinkedIn, the successful candidate "will be leading a technical team to architect and build Revolut Crypto exchange".

The firm is looking for an individual with 7+ years experience in the tech industry and experience in building order matching engines.

Revolut in July completed a massive $800 million funding round that values the loss-making business at $33 billion.

The firm currently enables customers to trade up to 20 crypto-tokens and in May announced plans to allow customers to transfer their bitcoin holdings to wallets outside the superapp's ecosystem, adressing a long-standing gripe about the company's walled garden approach to crypto trading.

Revolut has built up sizeable holdings of its own, scoring a deal with WeWork in September to pay for US office space in bitcoin.

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