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Revolut to pay for US office expansion in bitcoin

Revolut to pay for US office expansion in bitcoin

Revolut is to pay for new flexible office space provided by WeWork in the US with bitcoin.

In its latest deal with WeWork, Revolut will take space for more than 300 employees in Dallas, serving as the hub for the company’s US expansion.

Revolut has adopted permanent flexible working, enabling the vast majority of its 2,000+ employees to choose when and how often they would like to work from home or visit the workplace. As part of this plan, the company is repurposing all offices as flexible and collaborative workplaces, taking space with WeWork in Berlin, Dallas, Dublin, Melbourne, Moscow, Singapore and New York.

On the crypto front, WeWork in April announced that it would begin utilising cryptocurrency as a form of payment for inbound and outbound transactions.

Rhebeckha D’Silva, Revolut’s global head of real estate says: “ We’re excited to continue on our rapid growth trajectory with an innovative partner like WeWork that affords us the flexibility to pay using cryptocurrency - a technology whose future we vehemently believe in - as Revolut expands in the US and around the world.”

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Kris Vlas
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