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CommBank app to track customer carbon footprints

CommBank app to track customer carbon footprints

Commonwealth Bank of Australia is to provide personalised carbon footprints for customers based on their spending data in a partnership with fintech start-up CoGo.

The first phase of the partnership will allow a select group of retail customers to view their carbon footprint via the CommBank app and offset their previous month’s transactions by purchasing carbon credits. This new feature will be available to all retail customers next year.

The programme will eventually expand to include select small business customers. giving them greater visibility of their monthly carbon emissions across their supply chain

Angus Sullivan, Commonwealth Bank Group executive says: “By combining our rich customer data and CoGo’s industry-leading capability in measuring carbon outputs, we will be able to provide greater transparency for customers so that they can take actionable steps to reduce their environmental footprint.

“Our data capability will provide greater personalisation for customers overtime, including more granular information about their carbon footprint with the option to offset individual transactions.”

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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith - RTGS & ClearBank - London 06 October, 2021, 09:451 like 1 like

As we move to a world that should be more eco conscious, understanding the carbon footprint of who you spend your money with will be a key tool to making us more environmentally friendly (us as consumers and us as businesses). 

This initiative is an early step, but I can see a future where we understand and can verify the green credentials of entire supply chains