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Founding CTO at RTGS & ClearBank
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Bio Brining the worlds first liquidity network, to financial institutions globally Career History Started as a software developer and have moved through IT for over 20 years. Founded a number of technology and FinTech start-ups, and am a founding member of both RTGS & ClearBank

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How blockchain can be used for improving security

21 Mar 2023

At the heart of security within the financial services industry is the good old centralised Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Every central bank, financial market infrastructure (FMI), payment system, Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider, embedded finance provider, even the way in which we all connect to secured websites goes through a centralised ...

Agile Series: Avoid management speak

16 Mar 2023

One of my pet peeves, and I think a common source of hatred across most engineering teams, is using old cliché management terms that really do not apply. Or, worse still, they are fundamentally wrong within an agile environment. Engineering teams are full of uber smart individuals, and I don’t mean the people that cut code, no - I mean your stakeho...

Agile Series: SAS Rogue Heroes - the original agile team

23 Nov 2022

Currently airing on the BBC is a superb series that takes you through the origins of the SAS (Special Air Service). Though some of it has been made for our viewing, the vast majority of the storyline and characters is very much true. If you have not watched it, I highly recommend you look out for SAS Rogue Heroes. But how is this in any way shape ...

Agile Series: Getting out of the way

04 Aug 2022

As a leader in more than just technology, we must know when to get out of the way of our teams and colleagues. All too often, I see leaders who want to build high functioning teams and yet they micro-manage; impose far too many decision-making restrictions and place too much value in their own beliefs and experiences. The following tips will direc...

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