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Bud and Enfuce to bring carbon tracking to UK

Bud and Enfuce to bring carbon tracking to UK

Open banking fintech Bud has signed a deal with the Nordic eco-payments firm Enfuce to bring its 'My Carbon Action' product to the UK.

The deal will see Bud’s Open Banking and transaction enrichment services combined with Enfuce’s carbon tracking engine to provide UK customers with a clear indication of how their spending impacts their carbon footprint.

The partnership with Bud will allow users to add an additional layer of transaction data to produce more personalised scores based on categorised spending.

“Open Banking is quickly maturing into an easy route for banks and financial institutions to deliver innovative solutions through their mobile apps," says Ed Maslaveckas, CEO of Bud. "Our partnership with Enfuce is a clear example of something that, only a couple of years ago, would have been a massive technical undertaking and that can now be integrated in a matter of weeks.

"Banks have a huge opportunity to offer this kind of personalisation at scale, it’s something we’re looking forward to delivering as we expand our ecosystem of open banking enabled solutions."

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