CBA to recruit 600 IT engineers

CBA to recruit 600 IT engineers

Commonwealth Bank of Australia has set out plans to recruit in excess of 600 engineers across a variety of disciplines, including software, systems, data and test engineers.

The recruitment drive represents one of the biggest intakes of engineers for the bank in recent history.

In addition to appointing approximately two new engineers every day, CBA has also created a new ‘distinguished engineers’ role, with responsibility for influencing the strategic planning process for digital transformation.

Commonwealth Bank’s chief information officer for technology and one of three newly appointed distinguished engineers, Brendan Hopper, says that if the bank is to continue to deliver best-in-class digital customer experiences, it is imperative to have a robust network of engineers.

“Technology is at the forefront of every organisation around the world. No longer is technology part of a business, it is the business,” he says. “The pace of change is accelerating and we want to be in front of the curve. Our customers will benchmark us not against the other banks, but against best digital experiences full stop.

“Our network of engineers will help the bank in its ambition to be not only a leading digital player in the banking industry, but deliver digital experiences for our customers that are leading against a global peer set."

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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith - RTGS & ClearBank - London 22 June, 2021, 16:051 like 1 like

Here maybe an example of why banks need to think about their technological positioning. Yes they want to be more technically competent, yes they want to innovate, but really, 600 engineers, that sounds like you should be leveraging tech companies more....