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Visa Apac accelerator programme invites fintechs to join inaugural cohort

Visa Apac accelerator programme invites fintechs to join inaugural cohort

Visa is encouraging fintech startups across the Asia Pacific region to apply for one of six places in its new Accelerator Program, launching today.

Focusing on businesses looking to level up, establish commercial ventures and connect with its network of bank and merchant partners, Visa is also committed to searching for fintech firms that are expanding access to consumers and businesses that are underserved or cash dependent, or are developing payment methods that are not reliant on traditional credit or debit cards.

Alongside this, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, startups that are utilising open data to provide personalised banking and are supporting small businesses manage new technology demands are also being encouraged to apply.

Ng Kong Boon, Visa country manager for Malaysia, highlights that the intention is to support startups in their journey from local to global success. “In Visa’s ongoing work with the startup community, we often see companies face challenges when taking their business from a local success story to becoming a player in multiple markets.”

He adds: “There is no shortage of fantastic solutions coming out of the Asia Pacific, particularly the Malaysia startup community. What’s most important to Visa is how we can support those solutions getting elevated to a stage where in a few months’ time they could be pitched as a commercial deal to a leading bank, retailer or technology company in the region. A big differentiator for the Visa Accelerator Program is our concentration on a small number of startups that are truly ready to unlock that next level,” said Kong Boon.

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