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StanChar opens virtual bank in Hong Kong

StanChar opens virtual bank in Hong Kong

Standard Chartered has announced the official opening of its virtual bank in Hong Kong

Mox Bank was developed in partnership with Hong Kong-based telcos PCCW and HKT and online travel agent Trip.com . It is entirely app-based, offering what StanChar states is its full suite of retaill banking services, including a numberless bank card. 

The project went live in April this year and the first customer was onboarded earlier this month. Now it has officially launched, the bank is proclaiming the cloud-based Mox as an underscoring of its drive to digitise its retail banking business. 

“The launch of Mox demonstrates the pace at which Standard Chartered is executing and moving on its strategic objectives, innovating and disrupting across our markets through digitisation," said the bank's chief executive Bill Winters.

"After two years of hard work, we are so excited to officially unveil Mox," added Deniz Güven, CEO of Mox. "We hope to take Standard Chartered’s commitment to customer experience, innovation and financial inclusion to the next level.”

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