Morgan Stanley to offer market insights on Alexa devices

Morgan Stanley to offer market insights on Alexa devices

Morgan Stanley is to offer voice-powered market insights and investment ideas available to clients using all Alexa-enabled devices.

Listeners will be able to tune in to timely insights drawn from Morgan Stanley's Equity and Fixed Income Research as well as podcasts and other original content.

Users will have access to flash briefings on emerging trends and market developments alongside original content such as 'Get to Know Morgan Stanley', an audio clip describing the bank's culture and what it’s like to work with Morgan Stanley and 'Jargon Buster', a jeopardy-style financial term game.

“This new channel will allow us to easily and quickly share valuable Morgan Stanley insights,” says Mike Wilson, chief US equity strategist and chief investment officer for Institutional Securities and Wealth Management. “Incorporating our latest thought leadership into voice assistants is part of how we are adapting to client needs and integrating ourselves into how people increasingly consume information today.”

Morgan Stanley follows in the footsteps of JPMorgan and TD Ameritrade who have already begun offering market moving news and stock quotes via Amazon's voice-controlled home pods.

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