USAA pilots conversational AI on Amazon Alexa

USAA pilots conversational AI on Amazon Alexa

Military bank USAA is tapping AI technology from Clinc for a pilot that will let members check their balances and spending patterns by talking to Amazon's Alexa.

USAA has been experimenting with Alexa for over a year but the integration of Clinc's conversational AI platform is set to introduce a new level of sophistication.

While USAA members will be able to ask Alexa simple questions such as their balance, they will also be able to dive deeper into their spending habits, for example asking how much they spent on eating out in a certain city in the last year.

Clinc says that its natural language technology means that members' interaction with Alexa will feel "like an intelligent human interaction" because there is no need to remember specific commands.

Transactions are not being tested because USAA has decided that there are not enough security controls in place yet.

Clinc's co-founder, Jason Mars, told the San Antonio Express News that 10 financial institutions are testing its technology, but USAA is the first to go live with customers through its 400 member-strong 90 day pilot.

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