'Alexa, open Amex'

'Alexa, open Amex'

American Express cardholders can now use Amazon's Alexa to check their account balance, review recent charges, make a payment and find out about new offers from the card scheme.

To use the service, customers must first select the requisite 'skill' from their Alexa powered device and activate it by logging into their American Express online account using their password and ID. An additional four-digit PIN code and the command “Alexa, open Amex” will bring the device to life.

The voice-activated service, introduced by Amex at an Innovation Showcase event in New York, furthers a long-standing relationship between the card scheme and Amazon.

American Express first introduced a partnership with Amazon in 2010 that enabled card members to spend their loyalty points on purchases from the online shopping mall.

Luke Gebb, senior vice president, enterprise digital, American Express. “Our card members are redefining how they engage with our brand across the digital platforms of their choice, and we want them to have great experiences wherever they are.”

American Express is not the first to tap into the popularity of voice activated smart home devices. Both TD Ameritrade and Capital One have built skills into Alexa-enabled devices, such as an Echo, Tap, Dot or Fire TV, while Starling Bank in the UK has also experimented with a voice-driven service for Google Home.

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