ML, UBS Warburg and former SunGard executives are first Risk Waters casualties

ML, UBS Warburg and former SunGard executives are first Risk Waters casualties

Bob McIlvaine, a Merrill Lynch public relations executive, and Hagay Shefi, a former Mint and SunGard executive, are the first two casualties to be positively identified from the Risk Waters conference which was being held on the 106th floor of the World Trade Centre's north tower when the terrorist attack occurred on Tuesday. It is believed that as many as 94 people attending the conference have perished.

Funeral arrangements have also been posted on the WTC Disaster Co-ordination Bulletin Board for Scott Saber, executive director of Equity for UBS Warburg and a longtime FIX advocate who was scheduled to speak at the Risk Waters event at 9.20am. UBS Warburg has yet to formerly comment.

Bob McIlvaine (26), who was born and raised in Philadelphia, joined Merrill Lynch in July, where he practiced media relations for the firm's corporate and institutional client group. He also counted the financial services firm among his major clients as an account executive with global public relations firm Burson-Marsteller, where he worked for two years prior to joining Merrill.

McIlvaine is believed to have been in attendance with Michael Packer, managing director and head of institutional e-commerce at Merrill Lynch, who was scheduled to speak at 8.40am, following an introduction from Waters Magazine editor David Rivers.

Hagay Shefi was a co-founder and CEO of GoldTier Technologies, a company established to deliver STP solutions for inter-dealer brokers. Prior to this he was credited with building Mint Communications into a leading middleware company before its acquisition by SunGard. He was scheduled to speak at the conference on the day of the attack. He leaves a wife and two daughters.

Risk Waters says that 65 delegates and 16 staff were in attendance or in the building on their way to the conference when the first of two hi-jacked planes crashed into the tower. All are missing. The company is still trying track down a further 13 potential delegates who may have been in attendance.

Risk Waters is not releasing names of any conference goers, but the list of casualties will include individuals from across a broad swathe of financial technology firms, banks and brokerages.

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