Carr Futures publishes missing persons list

Carr Futures publishes missing persons list

Carr Futures has published a list of survivors and missing persons from the World Trade Centre attack on its Web site. Almost half of the firm's staff remain unaccounted for and one has been confirmed as deceased.

In response to the recent tragedy in New York, Carr Futures has focused all available resources and manpower towards assisting our employees and their families during this tragedy. Our first concern is for the safety and well being of those employees who were known to be in our office on the 92nd Floor of the One World Trade Centre at the time of the disaster. While we have limited information available at this time, Carr Futures has sought to compile a list of survivors based upon the names of those employees who have personally contacted Carr to assure us of their well being.

Please note that this list was confirmed as of 6:30 PM on September 13, 2001 and will be updated as we receive additional information. As we express deep and heartfelt thanks as the number of confirmed survivors grows, we continue to hope and pray that we will be able to find even more of our Carr Futures family safe in the aftermath of this tragic event.

If you have heard from an employee who is not on this list, please have that employee contact our Emergency Command Center immediately at (1.800.755.7620 or 1.312.762.1227).

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