Sandler O'Neill opens for business: 66 employees lost

Sandler O'Neill opens for business: 66 employees lost

Sandler O'Neill & Partners, a full-service investment banking firm which occupied the 104th Floor of Two World Trade Centre, has announced that the company is open for business and will be executing trades upon the opening of the US financial markets.

As of Sunday evening, 63 Sandler O'Neill employees remain missing and three have been confirmed deceased. Among the missing are Herman Sandler, a founding partner, and Chris Quackenbush, head of investment banking. The firm has a total of 177 employees.

"For the past several days, Sandler O'Neill employees, families, friends, clients and competitors have joined together in an amazing way to do everything possible to locate our missing colleagues and share all new information with their families," says Jimmy Dunne, Managing Principal.

Banc of America Securities, located at 9 W. 57th Street, has donated space for Sandler O'Neill's fixed income trading floor and investment banking group. These departments can be reached through the Bank of America automated switchboard at 888-583-8900. In addition, Sandler O'Neill Asset Management, at 780 Third Avenue, will manage all equity trading operations and can be reached at 800-635-6860.

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