Risk Waters appeal to delegate companies

Risk Waters appeal to delegate companies

In a bid to track down missing delegates from its WTC conference, Risk Waters Group is appealing for representatives from Caplin Systems, Jordan & Jordan, Torrenzano Group, TradeWeb and Umevoice to contact its emergency help line in London on +44 (0)20 7484 9700.

Risk Waters Group has had no contact with anyone who was attending its conference in 'Windows on the World' at the top of WTC#1 when the plane struck and who has then escaped from the building.

The company is working to verify the whereabouts of all delegates, sponsors, speakers & staff and to ascertain precise details about exactly who was there at the time.

In a statement, the company says:

"The latest numbers we are working with for attendees at the conference are:

67 delegates and 16 of our staff attended the congress. They all remain unaccounted for.

147 delegates have been confirmed by their companies as not having arrived at the time of the tragedy and are safe.

For the remaining 27 delegates we are still seeking further information."

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