Robeco launches fintech investment fund

Robeco launches fintech investment fund

Robeco has launched a Global Fintech Equities fund to give wholesale and retail investors exposure to companies that are transforming the financial sector.

The actively managed fund will invest in three distinct segments, labelled 'today's winners', 'fintech enablers' and 'challengers'. Today’s winners include companies that already have a competitive advantage in this space, fintech enablers provide the digital backbone for emerging companies, and challengers are the companies that have the breakout potential to stand out from the pack..

Patrick Lemmens, lead portfolio manager, says: "To launch a fund that solely invests in the fintech space is very exciting. I strongly believe that digital finance will open the way to 2 billion people who currently don’t manage their financial affairs, and that on-line payment methods will become mainstream, while cash becomes the exception. With the launch of this fund, we enable investors to gain exposure to and profit from the trend of increasing digitisation.”

The fund is domiciled in Luxembourg and is being made available across Robeco’s key markets.

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