Risk Waters update - 114 unaccounted for

Risk Waters update - 114 unaccounted for

RE: Risk Waters Group's Financial Technology Congress 'Windows on the World', 106th Floor, North Tower, World Trade Center Tuesday 11th - Wednesday 12th September 2001

The company continues to work round the clock to establish the whereabouts of all delegates, speakers, sponsors and staff at our conference. We have still heard no word from anyone we believe was in 'Windows on the World' at the time the planes hit the Tower.

We have been in contact with a few companies who believe they had delegates at our congress but who had not registered in advance. We have also clarified that many people on our original lists weren't in the venue at the time of the crash.

An update of the numbers quoted in this morning's press statement means we are now concentrating our efforts on the 114 people from whom we have no word.

Based on the current information we have:

53 (47 this morning) delegates and 16 (16) of our staff attended the Congress. They all remain unaccounted for.
137 (100) delegates have been confirmed by their companies as not having arrived at the time of the tragedy and are safe.
For the remaining 45 (74) delegates we are still seeking further information.

We have no update to make about the nationalities of people involved and will not be releasing names or company details for anyone on our lists until we are 100% certain that the information we hold is correct. We do not anticipate being able to do this in the near future.

We are still manning a 24-hour help line in our London headquarters for anyone who has, or is seeking information about people who may have been at the congress.

Emergency help line telephone number: 020 7484 9700

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