Starling opens community site and previews product roadmap

Starling opens community site and previews product roadmap

App-only Starling Bank is giving customers a sneak peak at its product plans over the coming year, with support for Apple Pay and Android Pay, joint accounts, goal-based savings features and additional mobile-controlled card security options on the way.

The announcement of the roadmap coincides with the opening of the Starling Community, a Web-based forum for the bank to share its plans and receive feedback from users.

So far, much of the bank's energies have gone into the launch of its current account, a reversal of the usual trend among startups to launch a savings and spending app first and gradually move to a full suite of current account services.

With the heavy lifting out of the way, Starling is now looking to build more features into its app to complement the existing crop of real-time transaction notifications, spending insights and card control options.

First out of the hatch will be support for Apple Pay in July, with an Android Pay version also in the works.

The bank is also planning the roll out of ‘Goals’, allowing users to put money aside for specific targets. The feature will incorporate spending data to give customer's insights into how they can adjust their financial behaviour to better meet their ambitions.

The coming months will also see the introduction of virtual cards, enabling new customers to start spending online without having to wait for the physical plastic to land on the doormap. Card security will also be boosted through the release of a new range of mobile controls to lock and unlock cards for different types of card transactions.

The well-trailed Starling Marketplace, providing a suite of third party services from fintech startups that can be linked with Starling accounts, is also set for a retooling.

States the bank: "We’re excited to also be announcing a bunch of new partnerships in conjunction with this and are also looking to involve products to help with lifestyle, travel, and fitness in the future."

Starling is also looking into joint accounts, positing the creation of a virtual account that will connect individual customers who want a place for shared finances, "whether that’s two partners, friends sharing a rented flat after moving to a new city, a family running their household or a circle of friends away travelling".

Also on the roadmap is the launch of a starter account for young people, offering money management tips and a set of parental controls.

"Unlike prepaid card products that a young audience might grow out of, our account will transition to a full current account as soon as our customers turn 18, retaining all historic transaction data and insights, but shedding the parental controls," states Starling.

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