BBVA spawns new biometrics company Veridas out of two-year startup partnership

BBVA spawns new biometrics company Veridas out of two-year startup partnership

BBVA and the startup Das-Nano have formed Veridas, a new biometrics technology company that will develop client identification and authentication systems.

Veridas, to be led by Das-Nano's co-founder Eduardo Azanza, will be dedicated to the research and development of software for the digital verification and authentication of personal identity, through facial, voice, image or document recognition, or fingerprint reading.

 “Veridas will contribute the talent, the knowledge and the specialized experience necessary for the technological development that will allow us to reach our goal, which is to bring the age of opportunity to everyone,” says BBVA's by Ignacio Bernal, head of Architecture & IT Innovation.

The Spanish banking group says the creation of Veridas will help it to guarantee the authoritative identification of employees and/or customers remotely, which means simplifying the forms of access to off-site services and giving a new degree of security to transactions and interactions over digital channels.

“Digital transactions are going to be more secure, thanks to the use of biometrics. The talent of our people, our experience in the use of deep neural networks and artificial intelligence, along with the daily application of these technologies to millions of cases, will allow us to spearhead this field,” said Azanza, CEO of Veridas.

The relationship between BBVA and Das-Nano began in 2015 with a collaboration that has grown ever closer, in the development of joint projects in personal identity authentication. Das-Nano, founded in 2012, is a startup that has focused on nanotechnology, biometric and document verification solutions, thanks to a team comprised of engineers and scientists.

Veridas will allow both companies to continue investigating and growing in the use of biometrics in the area of technological security, so as to offer the best solutions and experiences to its customers.

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