NatWest trials BioCatch behavioural biometrics

NatWest trials BioCatch behavioural biometrics

NatWest has been trialling technology from BioCatch, an Israeli startup that uses behavioural biometrics to authenticate visitors to websites.

BioCatch aims to eliminate passwords and authentication dongles for online banking and shopping, replacing them with a system that recognises users by how they physically use their computer or tablet.

The firm's technology captures more than 500 points of behaviour such as hand-eye coordination, pressure, hand tremors, navigation, scrolling and various finger movements amongst other things to create a unique user profile.

This, claims the company, allows it to distinguish the normal human behaviour of an authorised user from that of an unauthorised user, as well as to recognise automated Bots, Rats, malware and other malicious account takeover attacks.

This year NatWest has been trialling the technology at its Coutts brand and with some business customers, where it has helped stop fraudulent find transfers and identify remote access Trojans.

The bank now plans a further pilot, with personal banking customers, in 2017.

Simon McNamara, chief administrative officer, NatWest, says: "The breadth of behavioural biometrics that BioCatch technology can monitor is really impressive and we've already seen many examples of it alerting us to suspicious activity and protecting our customers from fraud."

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