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Elton Cane

NYSE Euronext's single global e-trading platform

I had an interesting conversation today with Steve Rubinow, CTO of NYSE Euronext. Just over a year after the third phase of NYSE’s Hybrid trading system went live, heralding the massive shift away fro...

13 Dec 2007
Trends in Financial Services
Retired Member

What's the oddest location for a bank machine you've seen?

If you take a look at these photos of Tate Modern you'll notice the flooring in the Turbine Hall is in a shocking state. They should get that fixed. But wait - look at the photo on the top right - wh...

12 Dec 2007
Alan Goodrich

What is the future for Retail Branch Banking..?

I’m not going to comment on the content of Chris’ and Michael’s blogs, but do look forward to the “event” that may bring them together into the public arena in February – I hear Sky Box Office has had...

11 Dec 2007
Trends in Financial Services
Retired Member

Beijing's Attack on the U.K.

Recent revelations of China's state-sponsored cyber attacks on U.K. financial institutions underscores that strategic financial power is high on Beijing's list of priorities. Moreover, these attacks ...

09 Dec 2007
Information Security
Sriram Natarajan

Sell - Web 2.0 is here

I chanced to see a seemingly innocuous news item on PayPal launching a Beta version of its Store Widget- I am not sure if the Cards and Payments industry is cogni...

09 Dec 2007
Retired Member

Why would I need to go into a bank?

A lot of talk about branches and so on of late so I thought I'd wade in (knowing absolutely nothing on the topic) as a mere user. My parents switched to First Direct a few years ago when their bank ...

07 Dec 2007
Retired Member

Work out your carbon footprint with Google

There's a curious installation in Trafalgar Square here in swinging London at the moment. No - not that rubbish statue on the fourth plinth - no this one looks like a small house (1 Carbon Drive) but...

07 Dec 2007
Going green
Ross McGill

Indecent Exposure - keep your SOX on in bed!

I see that financiers have noticed that there's been a 12.4% increase in de-listings of foreign companies on US exchanges. The explanation appears to be either "a pent up demand to leave the US&...

05 Dec 2007
Innovation in Financial Services
John Cant

Cheque mate?

The humble cheque seems to have some very keen supporters as Ian Benn's blog demonstrates, so I thought it was worth sharing some material extracted from the most recent MPIE Financial Sector Bulleti...

05 Dec 2007
UK Faster Payments
Paul Penrose

Betfair's Flywheel outguns LSE Tradelect

While doing a bit of research into high performance computing for our capital markets conference Finexpo, I stumbled across this article in Business Week on the Betfair gambling exchange. It seems th...

04 Dec 2007
Elizabeth Lumley

Brave New World--deal with it or get off the pot

When I was in university in the early 1990s, I took a class on American Foreign Policy (no laughs please). My professor had worked in the Nixon and Reagan administrations and would not have been embar...

04 Dec 2007
Sriram Natarajan

Mobile number as citizen ID - Part II

Further to my jottings to on the subject of using mobile numbers as citizen IDs, I thought I would get more into details on the subject. Mobile phones can be the tipping point of reaching out the 'ne...

04 Dec 2007