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Richard Barr

Imagine a patent on the wheel.

MONEYGRAM ORDERED TO PAY WESTERN UNION $16.5M IN PATENT CASE. Interesting issue - the patent question. Unless Western Union created processes that were truely innovative, how can you get a patent for...

27 Sep 2009
Richard Barr

Moving beyond the economic swamp

I find it ever so fascinating to scan the economic news each morning. Doing so reminds me that old curse "May you live in interesting times". As almost anyone will tell you, our world market...

22 Apr 2009
Richard Barr

Lehman Bros. didn't fail?

What? Shouldn't the association with a major failure in the financial markets be enough to disqualify Xavier Rolet as the cheif of the world's leading exchanges? I could be mistaken but I don't think ...

09 Feb 2009
Richard Barr

Another 3 letter acronym we should all know - GRC

Late last week I was at a 1-day conference on "GRC" in I.T. For the uninitiated; Governance, Risk , and Compliance or "GRC" is a term that reflects a new way in which organizatio...

01 Feb 2009
Richard Barr

When does STP cost more than it saves?

We hardly ever question the benefits of STP. And for the most part, STP is really a smart move. It saves on errors, manpower, time and increases profits. What's there not to like about it? Well, you a...

26 Jan 2009
Richard Barr

Is it really all doom and gloom?

I just had a friend phone me to tell me that after almost 12 years at the same firm, he's being laid off. I had another friend phone me yesterday to tell me how horrible his job is now. A couple weeks...

15 Dec 2008
Richard Barr

Who is to blame for the current financial markets crisis

Who’s to blame for the current financial markets crisis? The simple answer is everybody! That out of the way, onto my rant.. When Mortgage Brokers and Bankers are pushing home loans like too much cand...

29 Sep 2008
Operational Risk Management
Richard Barr

Dow Jones and CCE Launch Global Emissions Index Series

Here's an interesting development. This is neither tangible goods or real service being turned into a derivative of sorts. I just read that the "Dow Jones Indexes and the Chicago Climate Exchang...

04 Sep 2008
Richard Barr

Who's paying the EUR 21bn?

Let me get this right... The banks are paying EUR 21,000,000,000 a year for payments not going STP? Not likely! SEPA directives are quite clear in what information a customer must provide for a SEPA ...

04 Sep 2008
Richard Barr

SWIFTs Role in Operational Risk Compliance

Banks are focusing inward in their quest to comply with Basel II operational risk requirements. This is of course critical if the banks are to achieve an acceptable level of success in its compliance....

13 Aug 2008
Richard Barr

We need an olympics in financial markets

I just arrived home after a week in Hong Kong. Two unrelated events happened while I was there. The start of the Olympics and the Asian markets patting themselves on the back for not being in the top ...

11 Aug 2008

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