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Global Sourcing Goes West

The demands on CIO budgets within the finance sector were supposed to ease this year, however demands of 'the same for less' are as strong as ever. There are several ways to meet this request includin...

01 Jun 2007
Olivier Berthier

Buzzword alert: financial supply chain

Forget about trade services, trade finance, UCPs and documentary credit, what we all do now is called Financial Supply Chain (or SCF for Supply Chain Finance). How many "Heads of" have we se...

30 May 2007
Financial Supply Chain
Retired Member

EBAday agenda 2007 - SEPA: leading the transformation

EBAday is now less than a fortnight away. You may like to know that the latest EBAday agenda is available to download as a PDF on the EBAday web site. If you've any comments on the agenda - log in ...

25 May 2007
Paul Penrose

We're not in Kansas anymore

A tornado whips through your town and flattens every building in sight – including the local bank. What’s your disaster recovery plan? This was the situation facing 83-year old Greensburg State Bank i...

18 May 2007
Elton Cane

Predictions for changes in the Finextra50

The constituent companies of the Finextra50 index at its launch this week comprise a momentary snapshot of an industry in a rapid state of flux. If we had conducted the same index compiling exercise j...

11 May 2007
Finextra50 fintech index
Paul Penrose

Finextra Community: Playing the numbers game

Following Chris’s forays into the wild world of statistics this week, I thought I’d regale you with a few numbers of my own. According to my personal Finextra Community site stats, Finblog (that’s me...

27 Apr 2007
Elton Cane

Chasing the US core banking market

After many years of talking about the need for core banking system replacement among US banks, it seems that foreign and domestic vendors are finally making some headway. But if the predicted boom in ...

23 Apr 2007
Trends in Financial Services
Elton Cane

Outsourcing, offshoring and ABN Amro share price performance

If ABN Amro hadn't agressively pursued an outsource/offshore strategy over the past two years, would it have been broken-up and sold off much earlier? The answer is probably yes. In its 2006 annual re...

23 Apr 2007
Paul Penrose

Royalblue scores big fat zero with Gartner

Royalblue’s decision to splash up to £63 million on buy-side OMS vendor LatentZero has been given a firm thumbs down by industry analyst Gartner. Unveiling the deal earlier this week, the London-base...

20 Apr 2007
Finextra50 fintech index
Paul Penrose

Crackberry addicts go cold turkey

Hardened Crackberry addicts in the US were forced to go cold turkey last night following an outage at Research in Motion’s network data center in Canada. The sudden blackout left users from Wall Stre...

19 Apr 2007
Paul Penrose

HSBC report is heavy-going

HSBC’s annual report has grown so heavy that the UK postal service is reportedly limiting the numbers its postmen may carry to prevent back injuries. The 454-page tome from the proudly carbon-neutral...

13 Apr 2007
Paul Penrose

Trading floor bonanza cue for market downturn?

Estate agents and trading technology suppliers in New York and London are preparing for a business bonanza as bulge bracket investment banks scope for sites to build a new generation of trading floors...

03 Apr 2007
Finextra50 fintech index