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Charles Platt

Charles Platt

President, EMEA at SAP Fioneer
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Bio I lead the EMEA business for SAP Fioneer, the FinTech joint venture created by SAP and Dediq in 2021.


Innovation in Financial Services

Experience: The real bond between bank and customer

24 Jul 2019

Making major financial decisions is often emotive. Empowering users to make the right choices is possible if the best information is provided to them through a clear and effective user interface. Bringing together elements of data to underpin the decision, and user experience to manage the process, is the heart of experience management (XM). Banks...

Business Knowledge for IT

PSD2 - 'Pop Idol' for Fintechs?

11 Oct 2017

There is a dichotomy at the heart of talent shows like Pop Idol. Catapulting inexperienced people into the mainstream music business, controlled by distributors rather than producers, typically leads to short-lived success - at best. In the banking world, the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) will come into effect in January, 2018, allowing ...

Capital Markets Technology

Why Star Wars’ robots are deliberately annoying

18 Jul 2017

The Star Wars universe is filled with annoying robots; they are terrible workers, nervous, inattentive and sloppy. There is a good reason behind that. For George Lucas, it seems these flawed robots were created as a plot device to justify armies of human clones. Ironically, he had to give his robots “human” qualities to justify increasing headcoun...

Banking Architecture

Neither a Producer nor a Distributor be... in your IT Philosophy

26 Jun 2017

Economics can teach us a few lessons in our approach to technology set-up. From an economic perspective there is a lot of risk in being a producer. It requires commitment to fixed infrastructure — buying it, setting it up and maintaining it — in order to develop the assets to sell. Product diversity requires further expenditure on fixed infrastruct...