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Four ways fintech can change the world for good

A whopping two billion people don't have access to any formal financial service. To put that in perspective, that’s twice the number of people who don’t have cell phones. Fintech represents a huge opp...

18 Dec 2015
Financial Inclusion
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The top 3 predictions for crowdfinance in 2016

To nobody’s surprise the exciting predictions for the world of crowdfunding in 2015 were not entirely wrong. In fact, most of them were entirely right. So have an early Christmas present, wonderful fo...

17 Dec 2015
Retired Member

Strong global enforcement culture set to continue in 2016

Looking ahead to 2016, it’s clear there are going to be new KYC rules drafted or implemented around the world. These new rules will require banks and investment managers to challenge the way they cond...

14 Dec 2015
Retired Member

Click and Collect- Why financial services companies need a digital first collections strategy

Recent figures from the Bank of England seem to indicate that we are heading for a fresh household debt crisis in the UK. People are borrowing at the fastest rate in almost a decade as confidence in t...

08 Dec 2015
Retired Member

Are financial services firms ready for the KYC risk management revolution?

As new know your customer (KYC) rules are being implemented by countries around the world, banks and investment management companies are beginning to realize the scale of the challenge around managing...

07 Dec 2015
Neil Crammond

Michael Coscia part 2 ..................... when civil courts over ride regulators

I was asked to explain how this new court case would affect the market and WHY it has shocked the HFT companies who thought they had conquered the exchanges supervision depts ! MICHAEL COSCIA's CONVI...

11 Nov 2015
Neil Crammond

Michael Coscia : HFT no more hiding

Why was he allowed to cheat ? Why did exchanges fail to suspend these trades ? Finally after years of complaining we have a result ! Bank robbers and murderers always plead innocent until found g...

05 Nov 2015
Retired Member

Financial Inclusion and revolution of Smart phone as key enabler

I had many a times thought before on why Banks create entry barriers to customers like Minimum balance, minimum income limit etc., etc., Who will then support all the aspirations people who are below ...

01 Nov 2015
Abhishant Pant

Future of Micro Lending

Why do you need an alternative? Current model is unable to serve a large base of potential consumers Existing model is costly and unaffordable In case of lending (specifically small value lending) t...

22 Oct 2015
Financial Inclusion
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Digital Disruption in Banking

Customer service experience is highly prone to disruption today. Disruptive technologies today have taught banks to be on the lookout for new entrants that offer better substitutes to their products, ...

13 Oct 2015
Abhishant Pant

Model of a Payments Bank and Opportunities it presents

Prashant a friend (Working as a branch manager @ Pvt Sector bank) from Bhopal called up few days back and had a straight question “What are the opportunities for a banker in Payments Bank?” Below ment...

23 Sep 2015
Financial Inclusion
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Regulatory Challenges for Financial Institutions

Regulatory Challenges for Financial Institutions Banks are facing an increasing amount of regulatory challenges. Rules around know your customer (KYC) are particularly receiving increased attention,...

18 Sep 2015