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Product Analyst at Finastra
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Fintech innovation and startups

User experience enhanced by artificial intelligence

09 Jul 2018

I had a couple of good user experiences over the past couple of days, they may seem like small beer to some people but to me they point to a bright future... One was I wrote an email in Gmail that mentioned "... I have attached a PDF with the latest summary...". I then hit send but forgot to attach the PDF. The response from Gmail was to...


Joined up Channels

04 Feb 2015

My wife and I recently made several payments in euros to recipients in Portugal. One of these recipients queried the euro amount they had received. We had made the payments via the online banking website of our bank, one of the big four UK banks. The transactions were made over a period of time and finding them in the bank’s online system was a ch...


BBVA Innovations Center

02 Sep 2014

With regards to the BBVA linked story regarding their HCE enabled mobile App, the BBVA Innovation Center promises the ability to link accounts or existing physical cards with the wallet eliminating the need to re-charge the wallet as transactions can be debited directly to the linked acount. The customer will receive a virtual card for their walle...


Cash is dead - in Finland at least

22 May 2013

Recently my work has taken me to Helsinki a couple of times, and during my last visit to one of our customers the conversation turned to cash or rather to the lack of it. This first becomes apparent when taking a taxi from the airport, all taxis have the ability to take payment by card and that is the default way in which payment is usually made. ...


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