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Nelia Holovina

Five Lessons Business Can Borrow from the Movie Avatar

James Cameron's work on Avatar is an inspiring example for businesses and entrepreneurs today. No wonder, taking into account the success of the movie: Avatar (2009) got nine Academy Award nomina

03 Feb 2023
Kerry Leech

Why Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a key B2B fintech strategy

You’ve probably heard of Account Based Marketing. It’s a highly effective and efficient demand generation strategy — used by leading B2B fintechs — because it hones your entire marketing and sales to...

24 Jan 2023
Saurabh Singla

What are the benefits of Press Release Publication ?

Press releases are a way to communicate important news or information about your business or organization to the public and media outlets. There are several benefits to using press releases: Visibi

05 Jan 2023
Anoop Melethil

Transform the Banking Customer Experience through Hyper-Personalization

Traditionally marketing functions in banks were accountable for building brand awareness and, to some degree, generating revenue. As post-pandemic trends show, functional areas of customer acquisition...

07 Dec 2022
Kerry Leech

Fintechs and art of demand generation: The new playbook

The gated content ‘lead generation’ era is over. Today’s B2B buyers want to consume high-quality content, gather insights, and solicit advice from their peers - before ever talking to sales. In fact, ...

28 Nov 2022
Nir Laznik

Tech is Driving Success for Savvy Debt Collectors: Here's How

Consumer debt rose to a new high of $15.6 trillion in the last quarter of 2021 from $14.3 trillion in the first quarter of 2021. With inflation reaching the highest level in four decades and millio

22 Nov 2022
Luigi Wewege

Exploring Strategies to Generate Profit Offshore

When people talk about setting up offshore companies, much of what they say focuses on the tax advantages. It’s true that several nations’ tax laws are designed to create a favorable setting for offsh...

25 Oct 2022
Kerry Leech

The new B2B buyer: Shaping the future of marketing in the financial industry

B2B FinTech firms underwent a digital transformation sprint since the beginning of the pandemic, packing years of digital transformation into a few months - and in many cases, significantly changing d...

14 Oct 2022
Retired Member

Why competition analysis should inform all your strategic decision-making

It’s the latter — competitor analysis — that we’ll talk about in this article, looking at some practical challenges that it can solve. Who is this case study for? For companies that face strong compe...

23 Sep 2022
Kerry Leech

The future of fintech marketing: Is it time to reboot your strategy?

The fintech industry has seen major changes since the pandemic, both accelerating digital adoption and the need to satisfy new customer expectations. But implementing the appropriate fintech marketing...

18 Jul 2022
Retired Member

Banking on Ad Fraud Prevention and Growing High-Street Accounts

Over the past few years, the banking and financial services landscape has transformed massively. Where once the large conglomerates and legacy banks dominated the industry, the rise of ‘Challenger Ban...

22 Jun 2022
Omri Argaman

Gaining Users without a Stadium or a Super Bowl Ad

2021 was a tipping point for crypto. Interest in and coverage about crypto shifted from fringe blogs and social networks to the mainstream media. And this shift is supported by actual user interest. A...

29 May 2022

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