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Bio Content Writer at Solvd. Passionate about creating insightful, engaging, and thrilling stories. Career History Business Content Writer with more than 10 years of professional experience.


Marketing in Financial Services

Engage, Motivate, Succeed: Cases of Tech Gamification in Business from All over the World

30 Jun 2023

The incorporation of games into everyday life has the power to revolutionize how we learn, work, and engage with technology. Imagine turning education into an epic quest, transforming fitness routines into exhilarating challenges, and rewiring our brains for unstoppable innovation. With tech gamification, boredom becomes a distant memory as we emb...

Marketing in Financial Services

The Mad Scientist of Advertising: My Experiments with Free AI-Generating Tools

11 Mar 2023

Picture this: you're sitting at your desk, sipping on your coffee, staring blankly at your computer screen. Suddenly, inspiration strikes! You remember hearing about a free artificial intelligence tool that generates images, and you decide to try it out. You start by inputting some basic information about your product, and the AI tool begins genera...

Marketing in Financial Services

Five Lessons Business Can Borrow from the Movie Avatar

03 Feb 2023

James Cameron's work on Avatar is an inspiring example for businesses and entrepreneurs today. No wonder, taking into account the success of the movie: Avatar (2009) got nine Academy Award nominations and three wins. I bet the second part will win even more. Both parts of the movie broke box office records, grossing over $2.028 billion worldw