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Boris Bialek

Predictions 2023: Modernisation Efforts in the Financial Services Industry

As a global recession looms, banks are facing tough economic conditions in 2023. Lowering costs will be vital for many organisations to remain competitive in a data-intensive and highly regulated envi...

16 Jan 2023
Andrew Beatty

2023 Banking Trends: Architecting the Future of Banking and Wealth Management

These are difficult times for the global economy. With an economic slowdown in most major economies, along with high inflation and escalating cost of living, reasons to be cheerful about the economic ...

13 Jan 2023
Simon Kent

The Banking Industry: Reflections on 2022 and thoughts for 2023

After the unpredictability of 2022, it’s now more important than ever that the banking and finance industry takes a best-fit approach for 2023 and beyond. Doing so will require an approach where data ...

13 Jan 2023
Pradeep Singh

Tale of Immortal Money from Bartering to Crypto

“As a king who has achieved merit & evolves time and again since human history but faces the greatest battle ever.” Money in some form or another has been a part of human history for at le

11 Jan 2023
Inna Demchenko

Do Banks Still Need Branches?

The number of bank branches in Ukraine and Europe is rapidly decreasing, so from 2008 to 2022, the number of branches in the EU decreased by 39%, from 225 thousand to 134 thousand, while in Ukraine du...

09 Jan 2023
Donica Venter

The Top Banking Trends of 2023

The banking industry is constantly evolving and adapting to new technologies and customer needs. As 2023 begins we explore the trends that will shape the future of banking. Here are the top banking tr...

06 Jan 2023
Retired Member

Bribery and corruption: is your organisation ready to prevent it?

While KYC and AML have been front of mind when it comes to compliance and the fight against fraud, anti-bribery and corruption compliance hasn’t been in the spotlight as much lately. However, that doe...

06 Jan 2023
Retired Member

Making sure that FinServ’s digital transformation doesn’t mean digital exclusion

The Financial Services industry (FinServ) has embraced digitisation at a rapid pace - leading the way in implementing digitalisation strategies. Online and mobile banking is now the norm for much of t...

05 Jan 2023
Jitender Balhara

Fog Computing and its role in Banking Industry

Fog computing which sometimes also referred as the Edge computing is the process of the doing the computations locally and then passing over the results to Cloud processes. The need arises when IoT de...

03 Jan 2023
Bo Harald

My e-Journey - over 40 years. Part 3. Interconnecting customers

Especially in the Nordea Bank stage we started to think that the then 4 million strong e-Banking user habit and trust should be reused for other interaction purposes than traditional payments and othe...

29 Dec 2022
Bo Harald

Reposting Open Letter to the EU-Commission - as not sure that the organisation ID is understood

In these dark days of brutal military aggression, it is important to find time to also look forward and discover new ways to make Europe more competitive and secure. The next phase of digitalizatio...

29 Dec 2022
Bo Harald

My e-Journey - over 40 years. Part 2. All banking.

So once we in the early 80s saw how customers - with delight - started to use e-banking for bill payments and balance checking, we started to ponder what other services could be built on the economy o...

28 Dec 2022

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