Kanika Hope

Kanika Hope

Chief Strategy Officer at Temenos
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Bio Chief Strategy Officer Career History Almost 30 years of experience in banking technology and operations for leading global organizations such as McKinsey & Company, General Electric and SAP.



An uncertain future for challenger banks

11 Dec 2023

Challengers face an uncertain future. Some will run out of cash, some will get acquired by incumbents or even the more successful challengers, and then there are those that will succeed independently. So what are the possible outcomes? Shut Down: Of ~630 launches since 2010, ~180 challenger banks have ceased operations due to lack of sustainable r...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

A turning tide for challenger banks?

04 Dec 2023

The climate has changed for fintechs and challengers this year. They are entering unchartered territory in a rising interest rate and recessionary environment with tightening funding and incumbent fightback. Their competitive edge around niche propositions, superior customer experience and rapid growth is being eroded by a number of factors. Fund...

Trends in Financial Services

Profitability – the holy grail for challenger banks

27 Nov 2023

Kanika Hope, Chief Strategy Officer at Temenos Challenger banks have been a growth story in banking in the last decade. Today there are ~450 challenger banks globally worth $300B in 2022 compared to 100 in 2017 worth 161B. However only 5% of non bank-owned challengers are profitable. Despite low operational costs, the average cost income ratio of c...

Open Banking

Open for business: open banking for corporates and SMEs

19 Sep 2023

Kanika Hope, Chief Strategy Officer, Temenos The success of open banking is pivoted on the tangible business value delivered to end-customers whether they are retail consumers or small to medium enterprises (SMEs) or larger corporates. Open banking was first adopted by retail banks but also has great potential in the corporate and SME banking sect...