Maria Schuld

Maria Schuld

Division Executive, Americas Banking Solutions at FIS
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Bio Maria Schuld is Division Executive for the FIS Americas Banking Solutions Group, which includes FIS core and digital banking offerings in our community, credit union, and regional markets. Career History Prior to joining the Core banking team, Maria oversaw the Card & Fraud Group within the FIS Payments Division. Maria has more than 20 years of experience in the payments and banking industry.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Cultivating IT Talent

01 Sep 2023

The talent crunch within financial institutions occurs most distinctly in IT. As banks evolve digitally, the need for quality technical resources has become even more critical. In fact, in a recent InsiderIntelligence poll, the ability to attract qualified talent ranks as the top concern of bank executives. Within IT roles at banks, the positions o...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Generating Deposits while Protecting Margins

25 Jul 2023

The number one concern of banking executives I spoke with at a recent industry conference was deposit growth. Specifically, bankers want to grow core deposits without pricing themselves into less profitable situations. This sentiment extends well beyond the hallways of conference sidebar conversations. A recent American Banker headline observed th...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

The Evolving Role of a Bank COO

29 Jun 2023

The talent crunch for financial institutions doesn’t stop in the IT department. Increased regulatory pressure, liquidity challenges, and margin shortfalls create pressure to have the right individuals to guide a community bank. Perhaps the most critical position in a financial organization today is that of the Chief Operating Officer (COO). And th...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Banking as a Service (BaaS) and Embedded Finance, innovation for today’s challenges

22 May 2023

Few could have anticipated the margin and deposit growth pressures financial institutions have suddenly faced in 2023. Traditional models cannot always solve balance sheet shortfalls. As innovative banking technologies evolve, they offer opportunities to broaden customer relationships on a different, deeper level. This is especially true in the cas...