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Imagine a world without cash

The rise of the Super Apps

25 Sep 2023

Super apps are mobile applications that offer a wide range of services, including messaging, social media, e-commerce, and financial services. They are becoming increasingly popular in Asia, where they have already become essential tools for everyday life. For example, the Chinese super app WeChat is used by over 1.2 billion people to send message...

Imagine a world without cash

The role of digital wallets in promoting financial inclusion

18 Sep 2023

Financial inclusion is the ability of individuals and businesses to access affordable and appropriate financial services. It is essential for economic development and poverty reduction. However, billions of people around the world remain unbanked or underbanked, meaning they do not have access to formal financial services. Digital wallets are a ty...

Imagine a world without cash

Are satellites payments the future for improved financial inclusion?

11 Sep 2023

As payments become increasingly cashless we inevitably become more reliant on technology. This highlights the challenge that we need the ability to make cash-like payments offline without access to the internet. Many commentators see this as the holy grail of digital payments. The first satellite payment is generally believed to have been made in...


Why the traditional view of going digital is unsettling

04 Sep 2023

The case for introducing a universal access to payments index The traditional view of going digital is unsettling to many because it represents a fundamental shift in the way we interact with the world. For centuries, we have been accustomed to interacting with physical objects and spaces. We have held books in our hands, made purchases and spoken...