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Digital Banking

How payments drive growth in Kazakhstan

17 May 2024

Kazakhstan is one of the world economy’s growth stories, with the Asian Development Bank’s latest assessment from April 2024 forecasting GDP growth of 3.8% in 2024 and 5.3% in 2025, far outstripping growth rates seen in advanced economies. When people think about the causes of economic growth, they often default to thinking about major events an


The rise of the financial super app

26 Apr 2024

The phrase super app has increased in popularity in recent years, used typically to refer to a single app offering multiple services to its users – for example, e-commerce, ride-hailing, and financial services all in one. The concept is becoming more and more mainstream, with the recent New York IPO of Kazakh super app Kaspi giving the concept


Financial Inclusion

How technology and reforms are letting more people in Kazakhstan grow wealth

10 Apr 2024

Retail investing has exploded in global popularity in recent years, with retail investors expected to account for 61% of global assets under management by 2030, up from 52% in 2021. The past few years have also seen headline news made by global retail investors, from the ‘meme stock’ craze to recent rushes into stocks such as Reddit and Nvidia. Wh...


The rise of digital banking in Kazakhstan

20 Mar 2024

Digital banking is becoming the norm for people and businesses across the UK, US and beyond – but did you know it’s also growing rapidly in Kazakhstan, Central Asia’s largest country? Internet banking penetration is forecast to reach 23% in 2024, not far behind some European countries, but this only tells part of the story. A geographic necessity ...